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About Me

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My Story

I am Dyna Mahmoud, a specialist in therapeutic nutrition and athletes. I entered university, faculty of science, like anyone. I did not have a passion at the time for anything specific, but I specialized in the Food science and nutrition department.

I started my journey in sports and nutrition since I was very slim and my goal was to get in better shape. At first it was just a passion and I started reading into it, then I tried what I have learned on my sisters and friends, and I got better results than I expected. And I started to focus more on college, and work on taking courses and get certificates. Then thanks to God, I got a chance to take a degree from Boston University in the United States of America, and I started working on myself more, both studying and working, and all of this while I was an expat.


A year after that I worked as a therapeutic nutritionist in an international gym (golds gym).

And I got 9 international certificates from the best certificates in nutrition.


Food science nutrition diploma (Boston University)
Certification from the American Dietetic Association
Certificate from Zewail University in Nutrition
Certificate from Baheya Hospital in therapeutic nutrition
PN nutrition
ISSA sports nutrition
ISSA nutrition specialist
ISSA bodybuilding specialist
ACE sports nutrition
Nasm nutrition
IASST Sports Nutrition

Currently, I have started applying to travel abroad to study one of the best certificates in nutrition, and I am always eager to follow researches to make sure of the correctness of every piece of information that I say to my clients.

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I worked with more than 1,600 clients around the world in less than two and a half years and I achieved more than 1,600 documented results. I do not care about downloading images, I will attach below some pictures of the transformations. All these results were achieved without using any medications, fat burners, or hormones, on the contrary, many of the people I treated had illness and were old in age, yet they successfully managed to achieve beautiful and amazing results.

You can achieve results on your own, but with a nutritionist who understands well what they are doing, the whole process will be easier, faster and safer. Soon, I will be launching several books at a symbolic price for nutrition, cooking methods and recipes. I will send to the participants a book of recipes containing information on different ways to eat healthily.

Some Certificates

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